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Is A Tankless Water Heater Worth Your Time And Money?
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Image from Central Flow LineIn a previous article about fixing rust in your water, I mentioned the hot water heater as a possible...
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Nasty Rust In Your Water
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When you're dealing with rust in your tap water, there is a chance that the problem requires a multi-task approach. Some of the mo...
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  Hi, I am new to the forum. I signed up because I am volunteering in Honduras at a home for children undergoing cancer treatment and some of the work involves plumbing. I am a DYI guy in the States but things are a bit different here and I am pretty much on my own. I need help getting connected with people who can help me figure out how it's done here! Any help is appreciated!...
  I have no cold water in one bathroom of the house...directly down line of the water heater. It is in a single handle faucet and can that be? Is it the faucet cartridge going bad and that affects the entire line?...