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It looks like the water leak is there for awhile to cause that much damage.
6 years. The front wall of this home has a 1/2” layer of OSB ply on the outside and inside of the wall. As you see the drywall was in pretty good shape, not even much mold on the paper backing. Very deceiving from the outside of the wall.

I used a FLIR camera to scan the wall and I thought my equipment was failing…..it showed a big cool spot indicating water but the drywall wasn’t wet.

The upper deck has a beam that’s tied into the framing and that’s where the water was coming in.

The other side of the porch has the same issue.
I had to change the tag on my propane yard equipment before I got a ticket. The county yard equipment inspector was checking my street…..795DC2B2-2A54-4E51-BADE-CEB74FF68E97.jpeg
I can't tell if you're joking or not. Is that an actual thing? Having tags like that for lawnmowers?
It's messy but at least the new stuff isn't leaking. The pump has itself a nice new sturdier (and higher) platform plus antifatigue mats to reduce vibrations. The inlet side is no longer above the level of the pump. The pressure tank also has a new platform and is raised up, plus a nice stainless steel tank tee with PRV, spigot for hose to drain in emergencies, and pressure gauge.
This part may be a total cluster. LOL.
Not easy to see, but the mess of couplings and adapters coming out of the cistern are ugly