Funky faucets in old, old style bathroom sinks.

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Mar 20, 2018
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Redwood City, People's Republic of California
I somehow got into doing maintenance on an old poorly maintained four unit apartment building in Oakland. The owner is an elderly widow, astonishing to me that she hasn't lost the place yet, two units have been vacant for 10 years (?!), both of them filled with junk from the prior tenants, and in need of serious maintenance/repair.

I've tried over the years to persuade her to let me get them back on the market in exchange for a share of rental for a couple of years, would be a good thing for both of us I think. But the poor lady is stuck in her thinking. No children, no siblings in the vicinity, a sister in Texas I understand. If she had children, pretty sure they would've built a fire under the whole situation and made it happen a long time ago.

Somehow, in the last few months, a small change has come over her. This in large part occasioned by her insurance company wanting to do an inspection before renewing

Repair of the units has actually begun, this after she found an organization that helps to clear out junk. Glory Hallelujah, etc.

But enough of that, she wants to get a couple of of the bathroom sinks working, the faucets are the old style and just practically frozen. I would like to buy new stuff, but I'm not sure if there's a newer style that works in this type of sink.


This is a stock photo, hers look much worse. I have never worked on this type of faucet, perhaps trying to rebuild them is the best way to go, I don't think she will cough up the money to replace the sinks. Not really an attractive scenario for me either.
There's probably a bib screw and flat washer at the end of each stem there's also a chrome or brass seat in the faucet body, you can find washer kits anyway, and take the seat to a plumbing supply house , yousy even be able to find stems
Thank you, sounds like good advice. I don't know how well fixed she is, she has paid me nearly $2K for numerous badly needed repairs, such as the back emergency exit stairway was rotten, the bottom half unusable. The insurance company would've hit her hard on that one.

But I want to get her units back on the market as low-budget as possible. New stems would be great, I don't like that style at all, but to get it working well would be sufficient.

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