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  1. N

    Acid Ate Garbage Disposal?

    Hey folks! We just bought a house and found a tiny leak under the sink. Looked like it was coming from the garbage disposal. Upon further investigation it looks like the plastic portion of the drain has been eaten by acid or something. Based on the pictures... Is this trash? Sucks as the...
  2. MMaglinger

    Leaking Garbage Disposal Drain Line

    Moved into a new house about a year ago and the drain line from our garbage disposal drips frequently and will back up the sink. If you plunge or run the garbage disposal, water shoots out everywhere under the sink. Took the sink trap apart and there is nothing in the line. We have strainers to...
  3. J

    Need help with kitchen sink plumbing

    Just did my countertops and had new double sink installed. The new sink drains are not centered as before, but offset. The installers took out the old one before I could take a picture of setup. The old setup had the garbage disposal installed on the left side. With the plumbing that is in place...
  4. Z

    Sink gurgling

    Hello. I recently tried installing a garbage disposal in a sink that did not previously have one. The outlet for the garbage disposal sits slightly above the wall drain outlet. I never had gurgling in any of my drains in the house but began to have issues with only the kitchen sink gurgling on...