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    Toilet Hard to Flush

    I replaced the inside of my toilet a few years ago. Since it is in the guest bathroom it doesn’t get used very often. Now it is so hard to flush I have to lift the lid to flush it and pull the handle up that way. Do I need to replace it again or is their secret to getting it to flush easier...
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    tankless flush turned bad...help!

    Flushed ecosmart27 to descale it. After 30 min the vinegar was blue (normal, I should've stopped here). After 90 min the solution was clearer but the bucket was covered in grimy, grey, greasy coating (see pic). Dry, it's grey soot that smells metallic. Any ideas to clean this stuff out of...
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    Toilet water keeps running

    I woke up to the sound of the toilet water running, in inspecting it it looked like the flush valve was letting water through. After adjusting it the water is still filling up and overflowing, even when I manually lift the flush valve all the way to the top the water keeps pouring. Trying to...
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    Toilet won't flush, not sure what to try next

    I want to start by saying I only know the basics about plumbing so I may ask for clarification on some things. As the title states I have a toilet that won't flush. This toilet is in the master bathroom. This started about a week ago and since then I've tried several things to try and determine...
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    Mystery Toilet Flushing Issue

    Having an issue with a toilet that has trouble flushing and no one seems to know what to do about it. I'm not the most plumbing savvy guy and any advice and wisdom would be much appreciated! My wife and I rent an old home in Florida. Supposedly, the waste lines are clay(but I can't confirm...
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    My toilet has lost its oomph!

    When I flush my toilet, all the water goes down the drain as it should. But solid waste does not; it takes 2 or 3 flushes for that to go down. (and no- there has been no change in my solid waste!) A plumber checked my toilet and said that he didn't notice anything wrong with it, but there...