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  1. Undertaker3106

    Cold Hotwater Base

    Remodeling a late 1800’s 2 story house in South Central PA. Hot water Peerless Boiler with a Becket Burner. Each room has at least one cast iron radiator with a supply and return line. Every room on 2nd floor was a total gut with removal of cast iron radiator and replaced with baseboard heat...
  2. T

    Hot Water Baseboard

    I bought a house where the lay owner remodeled the kitchen and removed the hot water baseboard heaters. After doing some research, I found that he cut and capped the diverted tees that went to the heaters. With the research, I read that this is wrong, and you should remove any unused diverter...
  3. rubadub

    Noise related to expansion of copper in Radiant / Hydronic / Baseboard heating

    Hi, I'm curious if there are any experiences/insight beyond standard troubleshooting for this issue. The most practical resolutions i've seen so far are to straighten the fins (which i've done) and to ensure the return pipe is not resting on any metal hooks which could create noise... I do not...
  4. K

    leaky zone valve on boiler?

    I do maintenance on a small apartment building. Seven apartments are heated from a single boiler, with temperature control by Taco zone valves. While painting an unoccupied apartment I noticed it was warm, even though the thermostat was turned down. I felt the baseboard heaters in several...