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Default Snakes in my well video

I thought you would enjoy this video of me discovering snakes at the top of our well. Our well is now running constantly so I am thinking a snake dropped in possibly clogging something. Check valve seems out because when I turn off the breaker for the well, water pressure drops to zero and the pressure tank empties. Waiting on the plumber now...

Anyway, here is the video:

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Ew! I have found snakes in septics, never a well though!

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Snakes and mice are the most common things I pull out of pumps. They can get in through the smallest openings. Where there are mice there are snakes and vice versa. I would put a little chlorine down that well.

Wells that are left open are just dead fall traps for all kinds of critters. I once bailed out an old well that had been left open in a field and it had 20' or so of rabbits stacked on top of each other. Nasty job. Lots of bones, hide, eyeballs, etc., all chopped up and mixed together. It took a lot of work but we did get that well cleaned out and usable believe it or not.

Also one time I forgot to check the 4" pipes that had been laid on the ground by the well overnight. Must have been a half dozen rabbits got in that pipe overnight. After I got the 600' of pipe put back in the well I couldn't get it to show any flow on the flow meter. After taken off the flow meter there was a glob of rabbit parts that looked like it had been in a pressure cooker. Could tell they were rabbits but couldn't identify one rabbit from another. Needless to say after that I always dropped a rod down the pipes as I was picking them up off the ground with the pump hoist. Every once in a while we would flush a rabbit out of the pipe when it went vertical. The rabbit would land right at our feet and bounce off us and the truck a few times before getting his bearings and making a getaway. Always good for a laugh. And saved the rabbits life.
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I second the chlorination of the well.

A little silicone in both ends of that PVC pipe would be a start to keep them out. Some of those Pitless caps have a turned down elbow with a screen on the end that over time will open up. The elbow is not necessary and should be replaced with a plug.
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Holy cow! How many snakes did you find? And what kind were they? They kind of looked like copperheads to me. Were they venomous?
Glad you got them out.

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