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Default Difficulty removing shower component

I posted this same problem in the shower thread but didn't get a lot of response. It was recommended that I post it here too. I have a single handle shower that was doing a lot of sputtering when the hot water was engaged. I did some research and deduced it must be the cartridge. I took the handle off and found what you see in the pictures. I'm trying to figure out how to remove what I need to remove here. I'm very new to plumbing. Anyone ever dealt with this type of component? Any information is very much appreciated.

shower cartridge.jpg   cartridge2.jpg  
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Default shower

does it have a name on it???it looks like you can shut it off at the
valve are there 2 brass slotted screwdriver slots there
looks like once you get the water shut off there are flat spots
near. the stem you could get an adjustable wrench on
what does the trim look like

have you looked up that name on the web?????
+/- maybe temp range

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The name Premiere was on the shower handle cover. I saw the two local shut off valves and turned them off. I put a wrench on the flat part there and tried turning and it was tight and didn't budge. I was afraid of pushing too hard. Also there are arrows on the red part, with a negative pointing in the clockwise direction and a positive symbol pointing in the CCW direction. Any idea what those mean? Also, what do you mean by trim? Thanks!
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Thought this post looked familiar.

Original post

Originally Posted by kenny123 View Post
I am trying to get this shower cartridge out without breaking it, but I don't know if I'm suppose to put a wrench on it or what. There are negative and positive symbols on it, with arrows, so I'm assuming I turn it in the negative direction to take it off. The negative arrow points to the clockwise direction though. So do I abnormally turn it clockwise to take it off? I've already turned the water off at the shower, by the local hot and cold shutoff valves. I see the flat surfaces on the metal part and read in another post that this is the place to attach a wrench to turn it. But, it seems to be sticking and I'm afraid to put too much force. Should I just turn harder? Does the plastic looking part come out with the metal part? It said Premier brand on the handle plate. Greatly appreciate any help.
Turn it Counter clock-wise. lefty losey, righty tighty.
if the wrench is at 12 o'clock turn it to the left.
Try tapping the wrench with a hammer. Tap it, don't slam it.
Tap to me could seem like a good slam to you.
Seems simple enough to some but you can get yourself in deeper than you would have wanted to. maybe you should just call someone.
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Sorry Geofd, didn't see your comment at first about the +/- signs.

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