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VFD and Pump Expert
Apr 3, 2017
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Orlando, Florida
Looking forward to helping plumbers and DIYers with a low pressure solution.

Perfect Pressure Pump is an innovative, high performance residential booster that uses similar technology the owner invented for use in high rise buildings all over the world.

Our predictive PID algorithms eliminate the need for a bladder tank and the pump provides the exact pressure set.
When demand is not needed, the house pressure is allowed to drop back to supply pressure. This eliminates cycling. Smart Flow technology knows when there is no demand and shuts down the pump extending its life and saving energy.

The result is less water use, less wear and tear on equipment and fixture.

It provides perfect pressure all the time. recommended pressure is between 65 - 75PSI, settable with side mounted pressure knob.

It works on wells and city water supplies.

Check it out here

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