Water running hot and cold after radiator change

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Jan 14, 2022
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Good morning all.

I'm looking for some advice please.

A plumber has recently changed a radiator and now my hot water taps are running hot and cold.

Radiators are heating up fine although there was a lot of air, I've bled the system around ten times over the last 3 weeks to completely remove any remaining air. Unfortunately the hot water is still running hot, cold, hot, cold. The boiler fires up for anywhere between 30 - 60 secs before shutting down and then firing 15 secs later. Before the boiler shuts down the pressure gauge bounces. I can run a bath (furthers tap from the boiler) with the tap half open but the water isn't as hot as it once was.

I've had two plumbers around with numerous (three different & relatively expensive) solutions. I won't it sorted professionally but don't want the solution to be number three of the fixes suggested.

Any advice given will help in me picking the right plumber and solution, thank you.

Regards, DDave.

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