Water heater(s) for church addition

Discussion in 'Water Heaters and Softeners' started by squidbilly, Jan 17, 2018.

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    Jul 24, 2013
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    Hello. My 100 member church currently has an on-demand propane Rinnai hot water heater on the back of the building ... which supplies the kitchen (2 sinks) and men's/women's restrooms (4 sinks). Due to the distance, it takes several seconds to get hot water in the men's and women's restrooms but we have gotten used to it without too much complaint.

    We are currently adding on to the above facility with a 3500 sq. ft. addition which will include 3 single restrooms + 2 other sinks (1 in nursery + 1 in copy room). The closest of these new sinks will be approx 60 ft from the existing on-demand propane unit. My question is concerning how best to get hot water quickly and efficiently to the new sinks in a building that will not used every day.
    a) electrical on-demand units beneath the sinks (concerned about power draw)
    b) centralized 30 or 40 gallon hot water tank with recirculating pump
    c) 4-7 gallon booster hot water tanks (like Bosch tronic) below the sinks and fed by existing on-demand propane unit
    d) something else that has not been mentioned

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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