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Sep 10, 2021
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Springfield, VA

We are going to be starting a major renovation, which involves moving our washer and dryer up from the basement to the middle floor. The washer will be placed directly in the location where a shower/tub is currently. My thought was that would make for a good location as it already has a water supply and a drain (in case the washer busts a hose, etc). At the contract signing today the design/build firm said their plan was to cap off the drain and just put a tray under the washer. They said that if we leave a drain without having water in it regularly it will end up making the house smell, as the shower's p-trap needs to have water in it to keep the odors out.

I didn't think to ask about it at the time, but wouldn't they run the outlet for the washer down that drain, which would then keep it filled? If they had another plan for the outlet, then would I be fine with just dumping a bucket of water down the drain a few times a year? We have a guest shower in the house that gets used maybe every 4-5 months, and it has never smelled, that I am aware of. Where the washer is now there is floor drain that almost never gets water down it (maybe once every 8-10 years), and it has never smelled either.

I'm leery of putting the washer on the middle floor without a good drain, but I know nothing about any of this so am looking for any input. Thank you for your time and information.



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Jan 20, 2018
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Boston, Massachusetts
Maybe the are reworking the drain piping for the tub/shower,I think what they are saying is that if you were to use that piping for your pan it would be like an open pipe to the sewer, what's usually done is the is a 1" , I think connection on the pan were your washer sits, it's piped to an area, were if your machine was leaking it would be noticed,, your garage basement, that called a tell tale drain it only connects to the washer drain pan

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