Tips on How to Take Care of Your Tankless Water Heater

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Sep 25, 2017
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Because of some weather conditions, the water can become harder than the usual. And Tankless water heaters are highly affected by poor water quality.

Now that you know the importance of maintenance, it is important that you know about the number one cause of tankless water heater failure: Hard water.

1.Do nothing and wait until the hard water rears its ugly head, the tankless fails prematurely and you have no hot water.

2. To descale or “flush” your tankless water heater. This is the process of removing rock from copper. The hardness heats to a higher temperature than the water and can burn holes in the copper within the tankless. When “scale” is removed by flushing, the hole(s) is exposed making a leak in the heat exchanger. During the flushing process, the copper is thinned as well and results in a shortened life of heat exchanger. This is not a preventive choice, it is trying to deal with a problem after it has occurred.

3. Install a Scale Prevention Shield. This is a filter with an active ingredient that will prevent the hardness from attaching itself to the heat exchanger. It will also prevent a sand like substance that ends up in the aerators and shower heads (which clogs them and causes them to need replacing prematurely). This type of solution is not new as it has been used in the ice machine industry for 40 years and has notable success in the tankless application.

4. Install a water softener. A water softener will protect the entire home. Water softeners remove all hardness so there are no issues. The faucets, shower heads, toilets will all be affected in a positive way.