Taking next step to mechanic advice.

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Oct 2, 2020
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staten island
Im in my opinion a junior mechanic. I can run copper roughing to finish for an entire house.
Run 3/4-1" gas for house
do drain/venting but need guidance/help on that still. Mainly the drain and just how to tie everything together.
toilets/sinks/flushometers/water heaters/repairs.

I know how to set a tub/install shower body rough ins. but havent done either solo yet.
i know how to read basic plans for a small house/room. That jus gives basic dimensions/locations of fixtures. But cant "read" Plans. Mainly just go by the legend and distance conversions.

I know the basic code of the state i live in. But not in detail. (NYC) mainly as there is ALOT of code. But generally just running lines "normally" is within code. Only in restaurants/commercial is it really dialed in.
Im amazing with customers/contractors. Very good people person, and explain/show the problem/science etc involved with a fix/problem etc to a client. And good at explaining to a GC if there is any "problem"
Alot of the time when im with a mechanic i already think to myself how to run the line/T off. Where to strap/support etc. And Surprisingly enough the more i learned the more i can see how "bad" alot of the guys ive worked with run things. Just waste of pipe unneeded breaks. Etc.

i can do all this. But i always feel the need to have the mechanic with me. Knowing that all the responsibility falls on me scares me. And knowing that if im in charge. And something idk or cant do/fix. There is noone to look to for the answer. But the more i do mechanic work the more i see that im RIGHT there, Just need some lil extra push. Anyone here have any insight/stories of when they make the jump. Or did it happen gradually (thats how its happening to me)


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Jan 20, 2018
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Boston, Massachusetts
not sure how ny works but if you are licensed journeyman put an ad out there and work on your own,on the side
i had an ad in the paper for at least 10 years would work my normal full time job during the day then after work i would work for myself.....then if you like it stay on your own in hine site i would/should have done that


Nov 14, 2017
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Lafayette, CA
Do you not have PHCC training in your area? You should own code books and understand everything cover to cover.
Develop friendships with other local plumbers if you can.
There is a lot that you may still not know.
Check in here at this website with questions, or PlumbingZone, after you post an introduction. That site has some awful rednecks posting but they do know a lot about plumbing.
Terry Love's site bulletin board is also a very good site.
Read the code and buy the plumbing training books, like simple to use Code Check by Redwood Kardon.
The Straight Poop by Peter Hemp and better: Plumbing A House, also by Hemp
Renovation 3rd Edition by Michael Litchfield, Taunton Press