Submeter portable meter and data collection needed to track down water problem.

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Sep 27, 2016
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I have a building which has some very strange water usage pasterns.

The water utility told me that I am the 2nd most wasteful water user in the entire city.

I have had repeat sinkholes in the front street( maybe unrelated?)

The building has a new smart meter which will display tons of information, stats, graphs,etc... on a webpage so I can see what is going on down to the minute.

There is water being used all times during the middle of the night.

I have had people going around looking for common leak issue and plumbing problems and have fixed them all yet the crazy water usage still continues.

I am thinking of perhaps a portable magnetic or ultrasonic meter( as to not disrupt service) that can be left on each individual tenant water pipe for perhaps 2 weeks collecting data. I'm not sure if this data can just be stored on an SD card or if read via the internet.

When the 2 weeks worth of data is collected, the meter is then placed on a new tenant's water pipe and so on.....

Then the data can be compared to the data from the main smart meter to the building and see if that tenant is the offending party.

This " leak" may be nothing more than a crazy tenant washing the vegetables by leaving them running in the sink the entire night.

Can anyone recommend a product that might help in this situation?