Soldering versus ProPress

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Aug 23, 2018
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On small stuff go with sharkbite style fittings. They are code approved for everything now. And, I don’t see any advantage to the ProPress fittings over the SharkBites. Both are reliant on the o-ring for a seal.

We started installing SharkBites only in locations in which we could observe them, about 7-years back when they first came out. I still don’t like burying them behind drywall, but they are quick and effective, but a little spendy.

And, I am very hesitant about new tech. I worked for a Water District for about a decade, form 95 to 05. That district alone spent over $10,000,000 to remove Polyethylene service laterals which were installed in the late sixties through to mid seventies. It was sold as a wonder product, a third the cost of copper, last forever, butters your toast, etc..

About twenty years in the stuff began splitting linearly, and causing huge leaks between the main and the point of service. When they extrude poly tubing it gets a linear structure form the extrusion process. After repeated hydraulic shocks the tube crystallizes, and will then split along the crystallization lines. Thus PEX, Polyethylene Cross Linked was born.
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