Rust ring around Kitchen Faucet

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Aloha Mark

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Mar 9, 2020
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Honolulu, HI
I had an old kitchen faucet replaced with a Price Pfister model before the Coronavirus pandemic. It was a one piece model and like many of you have experienced, the footprint of the new faucet did not match the old (the only thing that matched were the 3 holes for mounting). This exposed ugly rust stains on both sides of the porcelain sink around the new coverplate. The stains were virtually impossible to remove with a cloth and all the different brands of Barkeeper's Friend, Comet cleanser, etc. The wife was obviously annoyed at me for such an installation. Months later, a thought occurred to me after I cleaned some corrosion from a chrome base on a lamp. The internet-recommended solution was aluminum foil and a solution of phosphoric acid. However, I modified this with a single twist, namely, replace the phosphoric acid with Barkeeper's Friend powdered cleanser.

Even though this never worked with a cloth before, it worked great with crumpled foil. Got rid of the deep rust stain on the porcelain. For a day, the wife does not view me as an idiot.