Running Pex from Crawl Space

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Jeff Knecht

Nov 18, 2020
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West End, NC 27376
Bathroom gut with a double sink vanity on legs, the two cabinets that will house drain and supply stub outs are above drawers. Distance from bath floor to drain stub outs is 26 inches. The cabinet is on a 2x4 exterior wall, which the local codes here in N. Carolina, I believe, do not permit.
Is coupling the Pex tube to a 28-inch copper riser, which connects to a straight compression stop reasonable? I like the idea of the push-on connections to be in the crawl space and not between the floor and bottom of the cabinet or in the drawers.
My other thought is to stub out in the exterior wall. I could install wall vents below each stub out, which would receive ambient, warm air from a floor supply register, that is in between both stub outs. Close the vents after winter. Possibly, that would cause too much condensation on the supplies.
I think that the floor stub out would be easier for me to accomplish.
Thanks for listening.