Replacement toilet suggestions

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Nov 3, 2017
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I have rental properties, and I always use the Gerber Viper toilet. I have been using them since 2004. I like them so much, that I just installed one in my own home in our bathroom remodel.


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Jan 20, 2018
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Boston, Massachusetts
toto kohler are great brands.....have you tried to clean the little openings under the rim of the bowl..... what brands are the toilets you have now????


Dec 30, 2018
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Gerber viper a good toilets. I have been installing American Standard Cadet 3 toilets for several years now and they are awesome flushing toilets also. You can pick them up at home Depot for around $130 for the tall height. They are great toilets for the $$


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Mar 23, 2013
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I like Toto and I've seen it recommended. I have a Toto Drake from 2008 and it flushes very well and does not splash. It is also quieter than the old toilet. It comes in a variety of different tank capacities, heights, and some have the Cefiontect (aka SanaGloss) finish that is basically nonstick so you don't have to wash the bowl as often. Water with a lot of sediment kind of ruins it though, but if you have regular city water, it is nice. Just no abrasive cleaners should be used or else it scratches the finish. It has a larger than average trap seal so it allows water to flow faster. It is "dual flush" in the sense that the longer you hold the handle down, the more water it will flush down. The lever that comes with it is ok but it has a piece of plastic inside that broke after 5 years. Replacement levers are expensive, but you can get universal levers for cheaper (ones that have metal instead of plastic)- has to be universal or angle mount to work.

There is also the Toto Entrada which is very similar to the Drake- same trap seal and trap size. It comes with a smaller capacity tank (same as the "Eco Drake") and does not come with the special finish, but you can get one for under $200. The Entrada takes up less space and comes in "chair height" a little over 16" high. Both the aforementioned toilets have a MaP rating of >=1000

Then there is the Toto Drake II which uses "tornado flush". Instead of having a rim where water comes out underneath, it has little holes on the sides and the water is pushed around in a way that it rinses the bowl when it flushes. They call it "bowl wash". It comes in various water capacities (as low as 1.0 gpf) in ADA height with the cefiontect finish. The ones with the finish tend to be the most expensive. Sans finish they are still more expensive than the other two toilets, but a lot of people love them because of the flushing capacity (I think they score around 900 MaP rating).

People who recently purchased Toto Drake (original) and Toto Drake II told me that they now use a new flush valve. They have the canister/tower flush valve instead of a flapper. I don't know about the Entrada.

So, my 3 suggestions:
1. Toto Entrada
Features: ~3" trap seal, chair height (>16"), weighs about 52lbs, E-Max flushing system, 1.28gpf tank, 12" rough-in, side mount lever. Available in left or right side lever.
Pros: lighter weight than some others, nice height, >=1000 MaP score for flushing, can use a standard side-mount toilet lever if you don't like the one included, tank is only about 14" wide so it takes up less space (good for small bathrooms), retails under $200 at some stores.
Cons: has a rim that has to be cleaned under, not available in cefiontect finish, only one height available, not in stock at most big box stores (if you find a Coburn's or similar authorized Toto retailer they might have it in stock but generally for a higher price).

2. Toto Drake (original)
Features: ~3" trap seal, available in variety of heights, standard version 1.6gpf tank, eco version 1.28gpf tank, left or right angle mount lever, available in different rough-in sizes (10" & 12"), G-Max flush system (E-Max for eco version), standard bowl is around 14" high, available in ADA height, tank about 19" wide, some available in cefionetct finish.
Pros: >=1000 MaP score, does not splash when flushing, can purchase for less than $300.
Cons: has a rim that has to be cleaned under, ADA height not available in cefiontect finish, flush handle lever is expensive to replace & can break, tank lid just sits on top with no lip to grab so it can slide a bit if bumped (but rough texture generally makes it stay in place).

3. Toto Drake II
Features: ~2.5" trap seal, double cyclone tornado bowl wash & flush, rimless, side mount lever, available in a different heights & tank sizes (standard height & ADA height as well as 1.6, 1.28, and 1.0gpf). I think it weighs around 54lbs depending on the model. Available in cefiontect finish. About 15" wide tank.
Pros: ~900 MaP score, rimless so easier to clean & rinses it's own bowl when it flushes, ADA height comes with cefiontect finish
Cons: I think it is heavier than the other two options (depending on model), more expensive (generally over $300), not in stuck except at authorized dealers.

I actually really like my original Drake with cefiontect but I wish it had been available in chair or ADA height when I got it. I don't know about the tank lids on the other two, nor do I know if they splash up when they flush (but at least the original Drake won't splash you when it flushes).