Replacement spray head on bathtub hose is 1/4" too small

Discussion in 'Showers and Tubs' started by Eric - TX, Jan 13, 2020.

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    Eric - TX

    Eric - TX

    Eric - TX

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    Jan 13, 2020
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    We have a separate tub and shower and our tub has a standard faucet as well as a spray head on a hose. I wanted to replace the spray head, but the replacement head I bought has the standard 1/2" threading and the current hose measures 1/4" smaller in outer diameter. Should I just buy and 1/4" to 1/2" adapter?

    I did not want to replace the hose as it requires me removing the paneling underneath the tub to get to the origin of the hose. I would need to use a utility knife and then caulk it back on afterwards, I just wanted a simple solution to replacing the spray head only.

    Any ideas or solutions are welcome and appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    Jeff Handy

    Jeff Handy

    Jeff Handy

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    Jul 5, 2019
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    Chicago suburbs
    The adapter sounds like a good idea.
    You might not find it in plastic, but it should be at big box or hardware stores in brass or chrome plated brass.

    Be aware there are different size fittings all called “1/4 inch”.
    Different actual size, different types of threads.
    It depends on the application.

    Post some pics showing both ends you are talking about, with a tape measure held up there in some of the pics.
    Also pics of the threads.

    If you just buy any little fitting that has one end listed as “1/4 inch female IPS” and that end fits your hose end, you would know what to look for then.
    But shower fittings often have more delicate threading than iron pipe sizes do.
    The shower hose might be 1/4 inch male compression size.
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