Rear Discharge Toilet Question

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Richard Luchak

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Aug 16, 2019
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I am putting in a rear discharge toilet (Gerber 21374) and had a couple of questions about the install. The toilet is being installed against an exterior wall where the sewer clean out is about 10 ft away. I am struggling to find a way to properly vent the toilet because there is not enough space in the wall to have the flange it connects to and a vent connection before reaching the exterior of the house. The good news is that I have some flexibility as to placement of the toilet. Rather than placing it where it has a straight shot to the exterior (original idea), I could turn it 90 degrees to a perpendicular wall to give more space for a longer waste pipe (alternate idea). I'm thinking if I can make the turn, I will have ample pipe length to connect into my vent stack. Will the rear discharge toilet still work properly? Toilet Plans.jpg
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