Problem with leech bed or grass problem?

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May 3, 2021
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We are selling our house and have an inspection of the septic system tomorrow. We have noticed a dark green patch of grass near the leech bed but not on it. Someone mentioned it could be a sign of a leech field problem. However we have noticed these patches on other parts of our property and the neighbor's property as well. So it's not just by the leech field but all over in spots here and there. The septic system works fine otherwise. The area where the dark green grass is dry and no wetness or funny smell. Nothing. Just the dark green grass. Someone at work said the dark green grass could be from type of fungus in gound causing the grass to turn dark green. We'll know more when they do the inspection. I know they do a visual inspection (and physical). Would they fail the inspection just based on seeing the darker patch of grass close to the leech field? If it is going bad we will obviously have it replaced. Just something I was wondering.

Thanks in advance! 😊


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