Please help, house backed up, septic coming up

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Oct 6, 2019
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Clearwater, Florida
Hello everyone!

I have an issue I been dealing with at the house. I have called the plumbers out 3 times. It’s getting really expensive and I figure why not do some research and ask someone for help. So here I am!

Our home is a single one story family home 1350 sq ft

There is two bathrooms and a kitchen

The master bathroom has the washer right behind it.

To keep everyone caught up on my situation, let me start with when it first started.

We recently purchase a foreclosure, did some remodeling and been using the toilets and showers here and there. We finally used the washer and everything on the right side of the house is backed up.

September 25th
Septic is coming up the shower and the toilet is backed up. It drains very slow.

Called the plumbers the ran a snake down the air pipe on the roof on top of the master bedroom. He said he ran one roll of metal wire which was 75 feet. He pulled out what look like to be a shirt of a rag.


He ran the water and flushed the toilets like 10 times. No issues everything is draining good.

September 28th

I ran the washer this morning and now the other bathroom and toilet is backed up.
I called the plumbers back and the ran the snake down again. He says he hit something at 40 ft. So he put down the entire roll. They pulled it back up but nothing was on the other end.
He runs all the water in the house and flushed the toilets a bunch more. He waits a little longer than before and he says “I think we got it this time!!”

October 1st

On this day the small bathroom backed up yet again. I called the plumbers and they came and ran the snake again down the air pipe on the roof at the small bathroom. He ran his entire roll again, pulled it back up and nothing was on the other end. He ran the water again and everything is draining.

October 4th

You guess it! It backed up again.

I called the plumber he said he wants to run the snake again.

I’m not sure what to do now. There are no oak trees around he house or anything so can’t imagine rots getting on there.

So that is my story. I hope everything I said made sense some what.


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Nov 3, 2017
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Not an expert, but my guess is that he hasn't run his snake far enough. Rather than going through the vent stack, do you have a curb trap or a clean out in your basement? With a curb trap, you should see the top of a pipe coming up vertically in your yard somewhere. If you have one, he can run his snake from there into the house, and also from there to the street. If you have a basement clean out he can run his snake from there to the street.


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Aug 19, 2017
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North Reading, Mass.
I believe everything drains to the city. I will try and record a detailed video of the house. Is that what you are asking?
If you are referring to the above comment, "video the sewer", he is talking about having the plumber(or someone) insert a video camera into the sewer to allow a look at it from the inside. It may help to understand what's going on.

My question is when you experienced backing up, if it's affected everything in the house? In other words when the small bathroom backed up, did the other bathroom and shower not back up also? etc, etc.

If the plug was a so far down stream then it should be affecting every drain in the house. The lowest first. For example, when you used the kitchen sink or washer it would come up from the shower.
I would take a more logical approach to try and determine what's going on.
Has the plumber always been snaking the line from the same location?
Where is that location relative to the other drains in the house?
Etc., etc.

EDIT: If you don't know if you have a septic tank system, ask you neighbor.