Old septic tank problem

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Mar 2, 2019
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Hernando ms
Im currently hooked up to the city sewer. But i guess this house used to have septic.
I had a hole in my yard thats always filled with mud. I could see a pipe running down hill away from the house so i assumed thats where the water was coming from.
The pipe i saw was coming from my downspout. But when i removed it to relace it i found that the water was actully coming from a 3 or 4 inch pvc pipe that was running into the old septic tank. But the hole in the septic tank and that pipe were not perfectly linned up.
Anyway water was coming out of that pipe pretty steady.
I know its not coming from my water supply because its not turning the water meter at the street.
My question is if i were to put a cap on the pipe would that create pressure somewhere else?
Where could this water be coming from? Should i try and get the pipe back in the septic tank? Should i just fill the hole with concrete and call it a day?
Any advice is welcome. Thanks


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Jan 19, 2020
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My guess about the source of water: perimeter house drain.

I would say, doing anything with that pipe is a bad idea until you confirm what the heck it is.

Maybe talk to your neighbors about their houses...I think, often, houses built in a particular neighborhood have similar water-management features.

Jeff Handy

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Jul 5, 2019
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Chicago suburbs
Post pictures of everything.
Close up, different angles, and far away.

irhunter is probably right, it is likely a dry well that receives water from around the house, and also from the gutters.

There might be underground pipes or perforated corrugated plastic drain lines that are buried in gravel under the surface of the lawn.
They catch water heading for the foundation and run it around the house downhill, either to daylight or a dry well.

A dry well is a buried tank or even just a big pile of buried large gravel, to create a storage area where rain water can be diverted into, and the water eventually soaks into the surrounding soil or runs away downhill on the surface from the overflow.

The dry well usually has an overflow drain on top.

The dry well might need some tuning up.

Someone also might have converted an old un-needed septic system into a rainwater diversion system.

Post pics!

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