New sewage line issue?

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Jul 27, 2020
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New sewage line issue

Hey guys, sorry if this is not the correct forum. Quick back story.

Live in older house that had clay pipe for sewer main. Had a belly and constant roots so I had the concrete dug up and a whole new line installed.

This was in March. I opened one of the floor drains because I noticed some sewer flies. Upon inspection I noticed water in the trap was brown and dirty. I decided to flush the toilet upstairs and noticed the trap “breath” as it flushed. Water slightly rose 1/4 inch for second and seemed to go back down. I opened the clean out and flushed again. Water seems to flow fine, doesn’t seem to be a clog or backup. (Shouldn’t be it’s brand new pvc pipe)

I have attached a picture of the plumbing before they filled with concrete. The yellow circle is the trap I am talking about. The line it is connected to is the kitchen sink line that flows into the Y and into main line. The line to the right is the toilet line. What could be causing the trap to get brackish and move when flushed? Could the pitch on the pipes not be correct?Sewer line photo0E2CA163-F8A4-4993-B5EB-98F4130AE887.jpeg