Issue with Shower and Hot water

Discussion in 'Showers and Tubs' started by Andy Winnipeg, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Andy Winnipeg

    Andy Winnipeg

    Andy Winnipeg

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    Feb 12, 2019
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    Looking for any suggestions to try before I call a plumber in.

    I recently changed the filter on my shower head since it was causing low water pressure and was obviously dirty as well. Now the pressure is perfectly fine however when I try and make the water hot the shower will simply shut off. I can get the temp warm but no where near what it was when the old filter was in the shower head and the pressure was lower. Its a single handle "Glacier Bay" brand. I removed the handle and checked the anti scald feature. This type does not let me adjust it to be any warmer that it was.
    I did replace this part to be sure with no change.

    There is also the pressure balancing cartridge which is this model.

    I have not replaced the balancing cartridge because when I did take the old one to home depot I was told they cannot go bad.. The pieces in side do move when the cartridge is lightly shaken.

    Any suggestions would be very helpful. Perhaps the balancing piece needs to be swapped or it cant handle that much pressure?

    Thank you

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