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Discussion in 'General Plumbing Help' started by Talk2mide, May 20, 2019.

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    After draining my electric WH lately, the anode was caked in white slimy paste (calcium?). This has been the case over the last year. I'm thinking of installing a whole home filter upstream from the WH to try to reduce/eliminate the white paste. My challenge of installing the filter is WHERE upstream? I have two options-install outside after the meter and before/after the main water turn-off valve; or inside the garage where cold water enters the water heater. If I install outside, I can filter the water for both hot and cold fixtures. If I install in the garage, I only filter the hot water fixtures in the home. Additionally, from what I've read, whole home filters are best installed inside vs. outside.

    Anyone have any advice as to what option is best?

    PS: b/c the incoming water splits between the water heater and the rest of the house, I can't install the filter inside the garage and filter BOTH hot AND cold fixtures throughout the house.

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