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May 13, 2021
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Cary, NC
Hi everyone,
In my jurisdiction I am allowed to perform work as the homeowner provided I live there for 12 months following completion which I plan to do. That brings me to my question on what to expect with regard to an electrical inspection related to the well pump.

  • I have an exterior service disconnect recessed within the brick veneer containing a 20A 240V breaker in it. I am replacing this box (it is rusted and not sealed well).
  • The wire from the meter to the breaker appears to be 10ga of which I will replace with 6ga NM-B for future expansion (add another 20A circuit).
  • The wire from the breaker to the well pump is 12/2 where the white and black both carry current and ground is tied to the neutral/ground bar of the current box.
  • I do not plan to do anything with the existing 12/2 wire.

So, for inspection, what should I expect? Will the 12/2 wire be an issue because I am "touching" it? Will the inspector want to look at the all the downstream electrical (which I am NOT touching in any way)?

The local utility will not allow the power to be turned back on to the meter until the inspection is cleared and transmitted to them. This means no water during this job unless I use my portable generator to run the pump.

I look forward to your feedback and experience.

As always, you guys and gals are awesome and I have a plumbing design post coming in the near future.

Edit - Fixed bullets.

JG plumbing

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Mar 26, 2021
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I would guess it's going to be a problem. What you have isn't considered properly grounded. The inspectors and the NEC in my personal experience are focused on grounding lately.

This is my experience and opinion. Hard to tell what any given inspector will be focused on. Good luck.

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