How much PSI for 1.5HP Submersible?

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Dec 4, 2021
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thanks for the reply. Maybe I have a mental block, but if the well is recovering at 13GPM and I'm only drawing 12GPM, shouldn't the well level in the well remain about the same?
The answer to your question is, "yes, but...." For underground water to flow to your pump, it has to move horizontally through the rock/sand/soil. And for that water to move, it needs a motive force, and that motive force is gravity. So, if your well has 13 GPM maximum recovery rate, when you start your pump at a 57-foot static head, the level in the well will fall until gravity can provide enough motive force to the surrounding water to move it to the well at a rate equaling the flow of water you are pumping out, provided that flow is less than the 13 GPM recovery rate. As the pump flow rate will vary with the change in the static head, and the corresponding level in the well provides the motive force "pushing" the surrounding water to the well, it's a mathematical integration calculation to determine the point of equilibrium.

Or just turn on the pump and let it flow for a few hours, and you will discover the equilibrium point of flow and pressure.

Hope this helps.

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