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Nov 16, 2019
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I have a nasty clog in my toilet (i’m assuming someome used too much toilet paper) and I own and have tried using a general auger to no avail. It gets about halfway into the toilet hole/U-trap only to stop completely and no amount of turning will help.

All I hear is the sound of metal scraping against porcelain and no movement or breaking of debris at all.

I’m at wit’s end! Please help!

Jeff Handy

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Jul 5, 2019
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Chicago suburbs
First of all, verify that you are using a proper toilet auger, and not a drain auger.
Let us know what you have.

Advance the toilet auger very slowly, and rotate it clockwise, and waaaay more than you think it needs to be rotated while slowly advancing.
Advance a few inches, pull back, then advance a little more.
While rotating the auger handle all that time.

A poop and paper clog can be very hard, or it can be caused by a hard object like a bar of soap, plastic toy, lipstick, etc.

If the auger just will not get past a sticking point, then try rotating in counter-clockwise direction at that point.

If it still won’t go, try putting a very slight bend at the enlarged tip of the auger, with a pliers or vice grips type of wrench.
Just a few degrees off of straight, so the tip can more easily wander around a curved path.

And finally, you can try the type of toilet auger which has a separate hinged head at the tip, not just an enlarged tip of a continuous spring.
I find these are usually worthless, but sometimes they will get through a stubborn trap that the more common types will not.