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May 16, 2016
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I like to know if anyone has known who was the oldest apprentice a plumbing company hired?

I am new here and yes, im not old or young, but have some grey hair. I have been thinking long and hard about my current career. I wanted to reconsider a career that is not constrained to a large city like Seattle. I install networks and this work is often conducted in the down town core.

So I thought "what trade would suffer the least during a recession and can be done in any city" Electrician? perhaps not. Electrical work does not rot. So perhaps I shuld be a plumber? This would be my fourth and final career jump. My first career was helicopter mechanic in the military.

Residential plumbers have more earning power then electricians? I have done some electrical sensor upgrades for the quiet side tank less hot water heaters. A company put the work orders up for bid to upgrade them and me and perhaps other techs, who never worked on a tank less hot water heater, did the electrical sensor upgrades. I really liked the units! very complex and reminds me so much of how the APU and Heater on our helicopters worked.

So perhaps plumbing is in my future? I think getting my gas fitter license is a good start to get into the trade do you all agree?

Also, do yacht companies hire plumbers?


Jan 16, 2012
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Halifax, Nova Scotia
Greetings fellow Canadian. Following the NHL playoffs? Thoughts?

If you are looking to apprentice in plumbing....the wage decrease you will experience compared to your military job will make you sick. But it's a good gig....I entered the trade I think in 2006 and I haven't been laid off for work shortage.

I know my boss hired a fellow in his late 40s as a first year apprentice at one point. From what I've saw lately, you may be more desirable to hire because these young punks fresh out of trade school can't put their phones down long enough to learn anything!

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