Deleting a single radiator.

Discussion in 'Project Display' started by benjaminwiseman, Feb 5, 2019.

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    Hello everyone. I hope I am posting this in the appropriate section. My wife and I recently purchased a home built in 1901. We love it but it needs a bunch of work. We are redoing the bathroom and are wanting to delete the radiator pictured below. It doesn’t put off much heat and is not needed for the warmth. Anyway, I am guessing I need to drain the system before I remove it, correct? The radiator is on the main floor and the are radiators on the second floor that use the same pipes. I also have located the pipes that lead to the radiator and am guessing I need to cap these. The pipe measures 1.75 I am wanting to plug it with a threaded adapter. Is this a simple project or should I hire this out? I am very handy but this boiler system looks to be from the dark ages and don’t want to mess anything up. Thanks for the help!! Ben

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