Copper pipe cutter question

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Aug 23, 2021
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San Diego
Hi, I'm a complete novice at plumbing & need help capping off an unused pipe that shoots off the mainline. I want to cut it about 3-4" away from where it Ts with the mainline & then cap it. I believe it's a 3/4" pipe, but can't tell what type to know how thick it is. Since it's underground, assume it's a thicker pipe. That said, are the small C-cutters for tight spaces strong enough to cut thru all pipe thicknesses or just the thinner stuff used indoors? If it's NOT strong enough, what type pipe cutter is recommended for underground copper pipes?

Also, I'm thinking to temporarily cap it off with a sharkbite or john guest press-on cap. Is that a realistic solution for a few months or not recommended?

Thanks for the help!