building a half bath in an enclosed porch

Discussion in 'Project Display' started by brettbrettbrett, Jan 15, 2018.

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    Hi guys,

    Coming up with a plan and design for this project now and this forum has been a lot of help. Here's my question...

    I own a 20's Sears kit house. At some point a long time ago the back porch was enclosed, giving me some great useable square footage. The porch is divided up with a few walls and I'd like to convert a roughly 70 sq ft section into a laundry/half bath. The biggest hurdle is access for the plumbing. There is a concrete foundation on 3 sides, and the side that butts up to the house should have access via the rim joist, but I won't be able to work underneath the toilet to fit drainage pipes as there's no access without cutting up the concrete.

    My first thought was a macerator toilet but does anybody have any other ideas?

    In the examples I've seen, sink and/or washer lines have to connect with the toilet drain below the toilet. Does this have to be the case or can they both connect above? If so, I can keep more of the plumbing in the walls where I have easy access.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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