Bradford-White indirect water heater too hot

Discussion in 'Water Heaters and Softeners' started by fixitron, Apr 16, 2019.

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    Over the past decade or more I have encountered a number of B-W indirect water heaters that were producing scalding water, typically well above 130 degF, even though the aquastat was set to its lowest setting. I called B-W tech support several years ago and they blamed it on the piping and that it could not be related to the design of the water heater. I just came across another one, with the temperature at the kitchen sink (about 40 ft. away) was at 142 degF (with no mixing valve).
    It appears to me that the coil is about 1/4 o f the way up from the bottom and the aquastat is located near the bottom of the coil. Other brands have the aquastat near the top of the tank, where the hot water is drawn off.
    Has anyone else experienced this temperature control problem with B-W indirect water heaters?

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