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Sep 19, 2023
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New Hampshire, USA
Hi everyone. Brand new here and so glad I found this forum. Hopefully I can get some ideas or clarity on my issue.
I recently bought a brand new home in New Hampshire will a 400' drilled well. I got a water test done as part of the inspection and the only issues were the following

r/water - Am I getting scammed?
From Water Test

So based off of this, and the bad taste/smell of the water I contacted a very well rated water company in the area. They came out and tested and the metals levels were about the same but the pH was 7.0 - Their recommendation was to install a 10 X 54 Iron Breaker with Manganese Greensand (Air Assist). This ran me $2900.00 They mentioned during the install that if the pH was less than 7 an Ozone Generator may be needed.

Sure enough 3 weeks later the rusty color in the toilets was back so they came out to install a Clack WS-1 - Ozone Generator. This was an additional $500 installed.

I am still having issues where the water in my tub, after it is filled about 1/2 way is a yellow/orange color. Now the vendor wants to install an acid neutralizer to correct the Ph. This will run $2000.

I feel like I am getting played here. I have asked my neighbors what they are using to clean up their water and the majority are only using water softener systems. I also understand that all wells are different, but mine can't be the only one with issues. Should I trust this vendor or get a second opinion at this time? I am at my wits, and wallets, end.