Aerobic Sprayers Run Often After Heavy Rain

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Mar 24, 2011
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Weatherford, Texas
I have a new to me house that is 4 years old this year. This is my first experience with an aerobic system.

We have had some heavy rains recently. After the rain, my sprayers run a lot and often. I have checked the house for any leaking toilets and have not found any. The water softener has a digital flow gauge and water use on it. I have checked it and the gallons displayed does not change. I have also shut off the ball valve between the well pressure tank and the water softener and the spray field still goes off multiple times per day. This only happens after it rains.

So I am thinking that rain water is getting into the septic tanks. All the covers for the tanks are above the ground enough where even if the covers were off, they shouldn't get runoff water. Is there some other way the water could get in the tanks normally? There is no drain field, only a spray field. Could this be evidence that the tank is damaged and water is getting into the tank that way?
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