1-1/2" plastic slip nut

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Sep 6, 2020
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I am searching for a source of 1-1/2 plastic slip nuts. Yes, I know there are a ton of them available, but hear me out first!

Years ago we designed a product that uses 1-1/2" trap couplings and slip nuts in a unique, non-plumbing product. At that time we purchased the fittings from Keeney, Plumb-Pak, or whatever other brand name they used. The trap coupling came packaged with the two slip nuts and plastic washers. A perfect marriage, until, Keeney changed the slip nut from the usual grooved design to one with wings. As a plumbing part, the wings helped to tighten the fitting, but we can't use slip nut with wings. Since we use more slip nuts than couplings, we made an end-of-life buy of the non-winged slip nuts.

We continued using the Keeney couplings, and the non-winged slip nuts from the large purchase. Now, the slip nut stock is getting a bit low. Searching online, there are a lot of pictures of these slip nuts, and, if the picture shows it as a non-winged nut, with a Keeney, Plumb Pack or other related part number, the picture is the older nut. All their dies were changed years ago to the winged version, hence our end of life purchase from them.

So to get to the end, we are looking for a low priced source for the non-winged 1-1/2" slip nuts, similar in design to the original Keeney product. We have found some that would be suitable but the cost is many times over what we were paying for the original slip nut. There are also imports that are similar, but because we machine the slip nut, the import's wall thickness is too thin.

If anyone knows of a potential source for these wingless slip nuts, please pass the information on to me. If anyone wants to work a deal on a large quantity of those loose packed surplus new winged slip nuts and 1-1/2 poly washers, well ... we've sure got them!

Thanks for getting through this long winded first time post!



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Jan 20, 2018
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Boston, Massachusetts
i have had to cut the wings off of toilet supplies i just used a mini hack saw

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