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  1. H

    Questions about my Well pump.

    We are replacing our Well Pressure tank. My concern is about losing prime, because there is no cut off between the pressure tank and well. I have posted pictures below of the Pump we have. I have included Photos below. When i add the new pressure tank, i plan on added a cut off between the...
  2. coleman123

    Should I Replace My Well Cap/Seal?

    Hi everyone, I purchased a new home 10 months ago and we are now on a well-a first for me. We began to notice a very strong odor in our water within a few months of living here and so I began the long process of trying to fix the water softener/water filter/iron filter/etc. Finally, after...
  3. R

    Below ground well cap

    Hello everyone, thanks in advanced for your time and help. New homeowner here. I recently uncovered my well head. House is built in 1940 and I don’t have any information on the well. My cap is below grade and I dug it up to extend it above grade and put the correct cap on it. It was completely...
  4. michaelvcowan

    Low Water Pressure issue

    Low water pressure throughout the house. Well assembly is just over 20 years old. The well pressure tank had a ruptured bladder. Replaced. 36 gal. Air at 38psi. The pressure switch was bad also. Replaced. Also replaced the T pipe and the gauge. After replacements, same issue. Same psi...
  5. C

    Best way to bleach/cleanse well?

    I just bought a house that was built in 1977. The water test showed violation levels of coliform bacteria in the well water (although no E. coli). I was told that bleaching the well and plumbing would likely resolve this issue. I understand that there are at least two general ways to do this...
  6. C

    Electrical connections inside well?!

    I just bought a house that was built in 1977. When I opened the well, I found the electrical connections in the following photograph at the top of the well. This concerns me as there is condensation at the top of the well that seems to me to be perilously close to causing electrical shorts...
  7. S

    Residential Well - loss of pressure

    Here are the facts. I replaced a bad water pressure tank (35 gal) and replaced the pressure switch (20/40). Pressure tank was set to 18 psi and pressure gets to just under 40 psi so I adjusted the pressure switch accordingly. We have a deep well jet pump, but not sure how deep the well is. Here...
  8. A

    Possible to oversize a pump for a water system?

    Hello everyone, I've been doing loads of research but have not come to any meaningful conclusions so I thought asking directly might help! I am looking at upgrading our water system pump at our horse farm. Some background first, the building is 300 long and 100 foot wide with 4 aisles, each...
  9. B

    Vibration from water well pump heard on floors above

    Hello, A minor annoyance of my current water well pump system is the noise of a low steady vibration heard on the main floor and second floor of the house. It is not a knocking or clicking noise, just a steady, low vibration noise. I am guessing it is the vibration from the pump system...
  10. T

    Pump issues?

    No changes made to the system lately but within the last week it seems we have 2 problems (or symptoms). 1) Two times we have lost pressure completely while someone was showering. The first time it was when the clothes washer was also running the second time it was when 2 showers...
  11. M

    Jet Pump breaker tripped, now it wont come on? Possible causes? Please help

    What could be the problem with my shallow jet well pump? I was doing laundry and got an error code that there was a problem with the water source, checked the faucet and no water, I thought we ran out of water since we are in a moderate drought and our well is only 25 ft, occasionally we do have...
  12. E

    Lead in my water

    i did a water test for lead in my home and the report says I have 0.019 mg/l. CDC says the maximum amount is 0.015. 1. Do I start freaking out? 2. Is 0.019 a huge difference or minor? 3. I have private well. Who do I call to have this fixed. Thank you
  13. R

    Water disapperaing from well

    I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this, but the water in the well, at my grandmothers places is disappearing somewhere. Description of the problem: The chances of it being the well itself is, I'd like to say, almost impossible. The main problem is that the water doesn't start...
  14. A

    New Member There's air in my pipes on well

    Hi.... I have a private water well system that feeds the house, 3 outdoor faucets and a 2 zone sprinkler system. The other morning when I turned on the kitchen faucet there was some air in the pipes both hot and cold water. I checked the bathroom closest to the water source and hot water...