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  1. nasonjo

    Inconsistent Water Pressure - Driven Well

    Good Afternoon! I have been having an issue with my water pressure in my house for about a year now. It seems to have started last year when I noticed my shower and sink water pressure started to die down and went from full pressure to probably 1/2 to 1/4 pressure with water just "spilling" out...
  2. B

    Uncertain shower pressure/volume at house I'm buying

    I'm negotiating a contract for a home purchase. This is a three-floor townhouse with a basement. During the inspection, every fixture--3.5 BA and kitchen--showed great pressure and volume, with the exception of the master shower. (The master bath tub and sinks, which are adjacent to the shower...
  3. G

    Water pressure drops drastically when using hot water for bathtubs?

    My family purchased a new home a few years ago. This issue has always been present, but I'm finally getting around to figuring out the issue. Our water heater is in our basement and our bathtubs are on the second floor (2 floors up). If we try to fill the tubs with hot water quickly, the...
  4. P

    new Delta faucet, water flow

    I'm considering a Delta kitchen faucet that claims to offer 1.8 GPM based on 60 PSI. The pressure where our outside pipe (from a drilled well) enters the house is 44 PSI. Will this lower pressure have a significant impact on the flow of water from the faucet? Thank you.
  5. TheGreatVolare

    (Sink) Pressure's gonna drop on you

    Hey folks! I'm a total noob when it comes to plumbing and so I thought I'd seek help from people who actually know a thing or two about plumbing. I recently replaced the disposal unit under my sink. The replacement process went without a hitch but when I ran the sink afterwards, the water...
  6. A

    Ongoing saga re noisy pipes

    About a month back had plumber / engineer replace flow switch on Worcester Bosch oil boiler as it was leaking. I had a SureStop switch fitted some time ago due to mobility issues. Always worked perfectly. When he went to switch water back on it it was only trickling from the kitchen tap and then...
  7. S

    Home Water Pressure Reduced After Changing Pipes

    Hello, I have recently replaced the pipes in my VERY small home. I cut the line just after the water meter and line that runs to the yard(outside, i needed this to have atleast some water while i did this project. As soon as it was cut I capped it was going to be a slow project (water to house...
  8. N

    Low water pressure

    I have a cheap faucet in the kitchen and it’s getting slower and slower by the day. Problem is, it’s brand new. Well, the guy I bought the house from put it in right before we moved in and said he got it from Home Depot. Even with the aerator off it’s still pretty slow. Any suggestions before I...
  9. Michael Travis


    I am going to plumb the house I built soon. I will be running water lines to a on demand hot water heater, a steam generator, a shower, a tub and 2 sinks. My questions is it better to have one line for H and C that branches off via T connectors to all the above or use a manifold with a separate...
  10. T

    Need help after new jacuzzi installed -45 min to fill tub

    I need some ideas. My contractor's plumber and the city permit guy don't seem to know what to do and I don't have the money for questionable guys to run up a bill for no reason. We had a cast iron tub which worked fine for 30 yrs. Then we got flooded and decided to put in a jacuzzi...