water leaks

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  1. T

    Very unique plumbing issue from upstairs!

    Where do I even start! We live in a two story home with a seldom used upstairs jack and Jill bath with toilet and shower that was recently cleaned. We also have have a standard hot water tank with recirculating pump for hot water. I have been out of town but my husband called one morning and...
  2. Cottage House Owner

    Installing a footed tub drain, help

    Hello Plumbers, See Photos of tub drain pipes going up and down...will I have any issues with water in tub exiting fast? Also, the plastic blue waterline was nicked during the sawing of the drywall to open the ceiling to move this drain to the correct location for the tub, will this be an...
  3. F

    Estimating rate of pipe leakage by measuring rate of pressure drop?

    I have a client with a drilled well, pumping to a pressure tank in the house. Coming off of the pressure tank is a separate line that supplies water to the barn (roughly 150 ft. away), using 1" black plastic water pipe. There is a water leak in the buried line somewhere between the house and...