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  1. H

    In desperate need of advice!! Venting

    I am trying to install a double sink vanity in our master bath remodel. However, when I exposed the pipes to plan my plumbing I ran into a dilemma. How do I tie double sink plumbing into my current plumbing. The issue I have is trying to properly vent and drain the system. In the second photo...
  2. R

    Adding Standpipe to Existing Utility Tub line

    Hello, I have an existing utility tub and previously drained my washing machine direct into the utility tub. I would like to add in a washing machine standpipe in addition to the utility tub, but I am unsure about how to design. I thought about either of the designs within the attached (A and...
  3. Mr_Taon

    Washing Machine Drain Addition

    Hello, I had a question about the way my handyman installed our washer drain. He tapped in below the 2” sink drain that is already there, added a p trap and installed it to to the washer drain and connection housing. should I be worried about the drainage of the washer. He told me it’s fine...
  4. B

    Are these drain lines installed correctly?

    I was curious if the laundry drain lines and vents are installed correctly in these photos. Eventually, a sink for a 1/2” bath will be added, but I wanted to see if anything needed to be fixed before going any further.
  5. M

    Dual sink plumbing/venting options, which is best?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so thanks in advance for the help! Our upstairs bathroom has dual sinks and one of them had a clogged drain. After several attempts to unclog it personally and through a plumber, I found out that the iron drain pipe in the wall was completely closed and thus needed to...
  6. P

    Arranging and venting a waste pipe branch

    I recently got ground floor piping extended to have drain, hot and cold in a first floor room. Only the pipes are there, but I'd like to install a sink and a washing machine as from the diagram. Note that the washing machine will be at a higher level, because it will be placed on a riser...
  7. S

    Funky nagging toilet issue-backing up and slow draining-all intermittent.

    Ok here goes. I have a 3 story home with a bathroom on each floor and all are above each other which I assume that means they are on a shared drain line and vent stack. Im having a devil of a time figuring out what the real issue is thats troubling the toilets. I keep thinking I have a venting...
  8. P

    Need HELP! Toilets Gurgling

    Ok, so here is my issue... I purchased a house a few months ago that is on a septic system. After we were finished with renovations we moved in and started having issues with the system. The toilets would start to gurgle and the shower would start to fill up while in the shower. We thought...
  9. S

    Is this allowed/how to fix?

    I was told that even though this ties into the main stack, it is not allowed due to it being on a 45 degree angle + it will create a siphon. Is that correct? Additionally, if it is not allowed, there is another vent stack (2") on the other side of the bathroom that I could tie into - not sure...