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  1. O

    Venting with AAVs

    We have a new house under construction, small project for my retirement. I made a short video of the layout, I would greatly appreciate anyone telling me what part of the venting system would violate code: Small change to the video - the inspector said that I needed at least 3" of natural...
  2. D

    Novice plumber - Basement finish with bathroom

    Good day everyone- What a forum. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and I am ready to learn. Glad to be here. I am working on finishing my basement. Im onto the bathroom plumbing. The builder looks to have somewhat roughed in for a bathroom. Ive attached some pictures. Im unsure what...
  3. B

    Are these drain lines installed correctly?

    I was curious if the laundry drain lines and vents are installed correctly in these photos. Eventually, a sink for a 1/2” bath will be added, but I wanted to see if anything needed to be fixed before going any further.
  4. R

    Downstairs Toilet Bubble Explosion, Floor Drain Overflows -No Apparent Clog in Plumbing or Vent Pipe

    Hi all, This past Summer we purchased our first house, a split-level from the 1960's. With this purchase we had the sewer line inspected by camera and cleaned a couple months after we moved in. Since we've had the house, the basement toilet splashes when upstairs toilet is flushed. These...
  5. J

    Back draft

    I have a 2 year old State water heater with an atmospheric vent that struggles to stay operating due to a back draft through the vent duct. When it is running and it's really cold I can hold my hand between the top of the water heater and the duct. What's the best way to counteract the draft...
  6. Torin

    Purpose for pipe vent; single basin kitchen sink setup

    Hi, We live in Arizona. Pictured is our current setup. We're getting a single basin sink with a new disposal and all new pipes and shut off valves. Circled in red is a 'vent' I think... But I'm not sure what its purpose is and if we need to factor one in to our new setup. If anything it's...
  7. F

    Vent issue

    Hi Everyone, I have an issue about once a year in my upstairs bathroom where the shower backs up and bubbles start to come up out of the toilet (which also fails to flush when this happens). In order to get it working again it always takes an interesting combination of sinks and toilets...
  8. S

    Kitchen Drain Pipe Rerouting

    We are planning a kitchen renovation (living in Ontario, Canada) and been trying to figure out what to do with our kitchen drain pipe. The pipe goes horizontally across multiple cabinets into one of the side walls. This is very frustrating as it reduces most of the usable space. Since we are...
  9. S

    Need Help with Basement Bathroom Venting/Plumbing

    I'm starting to plan a bathroom in my basement. When my house was built, there was some preparation for a bathroom. I can see where the toilet and shower drains are. I see two pipes coming from the floor where the sink will be. I want to understand how to determine which pipe is the sink...
  10. S

    Troubleshooting Sink/Shower

    I have a bathroom with slow draining sink and shower. Toilet works fine. Sink does not have overflow opening. I've snaked sink with no results. Professional plumber snaked again, dis-assembled trap, re-assembled and noticed multiple small bubbles coming from sink grate as it drained. His...
  11. D

    How to properly add air vent to bathroom pop up drain

    Pop up drain bathroom sink by David s posted Apr 29, 2018 at 9:00 AM How to i properly add an air vent for my bathroom sink. Water fills up, the lines cleaned up, my whole sewer lines new, and its pretty obvious that pressure is building up at P trap due to lack of air vent