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  1. H

    Broken Sewer Trap- Strong Smell - stumped plumbers - please help!

    Hello all! I’d greatly appreciate any help and advice from this forum. The problem occurred after a routine router rooter clean out. Every couple years my basement will back up and due to roots and such clogging the pipe. This is usually remedied quickly with a snake. The clean out is usually...
  2. W

    Leaking waste arm on bathroom sink

    I had to remove the trap on my bathroom sink, and now I cannot it get it to not leak. The trap and nuts are metal, while the waste arm is some kind of black plastic. Rather than using a washer, the trap arm has a beveled or tapered end that interfaces directly with the trap. I went ahead and...
  3. Emmitt

    Bathroom sink drain question

    Hello, First time poster here. Can anyone tell me if there is anything wrong with this bathroom drain? My concern is that the slight drop off, after the trap, is not correct. (This is a close-up view of the slight drop off after the trap) In the wall, the drain makes a 90 degree turn...
  4. U

    Trap Primer Reversing?

    Hello! The plastic hose coming off our basement laundry tap broke off. My research leads me to believe this is a trap primer. The thing is, the broken hose leaks water in the wrong direction even while no longer attached to the tap. Could it be something else? The drip is not constant or...
  5. J

    New 10” Sink, Drain/Trap Too High

    Hi All, I recently installed a 10” stainless under mount sink w/ Granite countertop. Existing drain pipe with trap is about 3” below output from sink. Also, the sink drain is about an inch offset to the right from the trap connection. On top of that I need to fit the tailpiece with T for...
  6. E

    Drain noise; Me or my Building?

    Hello friendly plumbing people! I live on 1st floor of 6-floor apartment building. Recently the drainage has become so loud from the other apartments above. We have a central stack that runs through the bathrooms but I hear it coming through my showers drain for some reason.... like a hollow...
  7. O

    Connecting Sink to Threaded Metal Drain Pipe

    I have a metal drain pipe with threads on the outside coming out of the wall behind a bathroom sink. The pipe that connected to this broke, so I need to replace the trap and find a way to connect to the drain pipe. The threads on the outside of the 1 1/2" drain pipe seem fine, but it only...