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    A Sump Pump with Two Pipe Connections

    I need to replace my sump pump but it has 2 PVC pipes connected to it. I can't find any info online about it and no one I've shown pictures to has ever seen something similar. Before I replace it I'd like to know if I need somethinsimilar. Can anyone tell me the purpose of this type of sump...
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    Install Sump Pump Check Valve on Washing Laundry Machine

    Just purchased a Everbuilt THD1020 (In-Line Sump Pump Check Valve) , and installed in the back hose of our washing machine. The original hose would leak detergent soap and water. Is it a good practice to install In-Line check valves like this on laundry machines? Are there any negative...
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    Sump Pit in deep pour basement

    I have a deep pour basement. Pit will be dry unless there's a heavy rain. After heavy rain, pump will run every 30 seconds start-to-start. I think most of the water is ground water (water table rises). Ideas to get less water in the pit after heavy rains?
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    White sludge in sump pit and pipe

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    Grease in sewer sump – Identification?

    Hi folks, I have a question for any knowledgable professionals regarding grease accumulation in a sump for a mixed-use building. There are 90 units in total – 70 residential and 20 commercial. Three of the commercial units are small class 1 restaurants. Here's the question: Is there any way a...
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    Sump pump running frequently

    we recently moved into a home that was built in the late 50’s. It has a combined sewer/storm water system that collects in the basement and drains to the rear of the property. We live in the city so we are in municipal water and sewer services. We have a sump pump that is operational. Now for...