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  1. V

    Sump Pump basin causing clogging

    So I have a sump pump in a basin that was improperly installed. The basin is cut straight through the basement slab app the way the the earth below which is all clay. I live about 100 yards off the Hudson River so very low on the water table. That, coupled with an underground stream flowing...
  2. M

    Sump Pump Sucking Noise - After Cycle Stops

    Hello, Need some help on this one please. New 1 HP Wayne sump pump and "quiet" check valve installed a couple of weeks ago. It runs great. However, after it cycles, there is a sucking/slurping noise almost like a vacuum has been created and fails. It lasts a second or two but is annoying and...
  3. P

    Water on top/around sump pump cover

    Hi folks. I have a ~2y/o basement sump pump (not 100% on age as we bought the house 4 months ago, but pretty sure it was installed around Nov '19) and just yesterday noticed small amounts of water on top of the pump cover and surrounding area. We have a dehumidifier stacked right next to it (we...
  4. C

    Sump pump loud “pouring” noise after each cycle...normal? (with video)

    Hi plumbing pros. A very wet Seattleite here, very stumped by my sump pump. I have an 1920s home with a fully finished basement and an interior perimeter drain system, including a covered submersible sump pump system tucked away under tile/slab and behind my clothes dryer. All done by previous...
  5. A

    Sump pump short switch life.

    My home is only 8 years old and I am on my third sump pump. Every time it is the switch that is going bad. I'm only getting a couple of years out of every product I buy. No matter the horsepower rating the switch still goes bad. My basement does collect more water then normal. I need advice on a...
  6. L

    Can someone tell me if this thing is a well water jet pump? Or some type of old sump pump, thank you!

    Is this a water well pump? Can anyone tell me if it is safe to cut this pipe and fill the hole? Would any plumbers or HVAC people out there be able to tell me what this is? Its in my Cellar that used to be a drive under the house garage. It looks related to water, perhaps a well pump? Would it...
  7. php2b

    Primary Sump Pump Suggestion Zoeller vs Ridgid or something else?

    Hi, I'm looking to replace my primary sump pump and I know plumbers usually suggest going with Zoeller but I have a lot of concerns especially after reading reviews about constant switch failures. I'm comparing two options here: Zoeller 0.75HP from Lowes...
  8. P

    Sump Pump: Water Powered Back-up

    Any thoughts on a water powered back-up sump pumps? Make & Model you install? Ones that are problematic? Installation issues? Other thoughts welcome.
  9. D

    A Sump Pump with Two Pipe Connections

    I need to replace my sump pump but it has 2 PVC pipes connected to it. I can't find any info online about it and no one I've shown pictures to has ever seen something similar. Before I replace it I'd like to know if I need somethinsimilar. Can anyone tell me the purpose of this type of sump...
  10. D

    Plumbing Tips

    I've been reading a lot of new ideas regarding sump pump repairs, what's the best tips you can offer? I'm collating ideas for my future blogs in my website Doherty Plumbing Co., Inc. Falls Church. Thanks!
  11. L

    Sump Pump Discharge Throttle - Solution Needed

    I desperately need some pro advice - I have a very unique situation - please read all. Questions: 1 - Will ball valve on sump pump discharge put too much strain and break or shorten lifespan on the unit? 2 - Will ball valve throttle the flow too much for a 1/3 HP pump to get the waste up a...
  12. T

    Sump Pit in deep pour basement

    I have a deep pour basement. Pit will be dry unless there's a heavy rain. After heavy rain, pump will run every 30 seconds start-to-start. I think most of the water is ground water (water table rises). Ideas to get less water in the pit after heavy rains?
  13. mbmsv

    What should I do with this sump pump pit?

    Hello experts, I have this pit in my house and everything about it seems wrong but I am not sure how I can make it right. Please forgive my ignorance but I am not sure I even understand everything here... The big black cylinder seems to be a check valve for the sewer but then what is the white...
  14. D

    Sump Pump needs help to shut off.

    Will be replacing it when finances improve. Just need to keep it going as long as possible and when it not as cold. Oiling the float lever and working it up and helps it to work for a few days, then its back to not shutting off on its own. Which grease would be the best bet for a longer term...
  15. B

    White sludge in sump pit and pipe

  16. A

    Rowhome built on spring - alternatives to sump pump?

    I was considering buying a rowhome in Baltmore that seems to be built on a spring. In the basement there is a sump pump with a backup pump. There is water visibly running into the sump pump at all times (it looks like two hoses are turned on and pouring into the pump) The pump empties into the...