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  1. R

    Kohler Diverter Stem - 11-2554

    Shower water was being diverted half shower/half tub spout. I removed the old one with a plastic end and replaced it with a new one. It still operated the same. I "removed"it to inspect it, but it kept turning. I looked inside and saw the plastic end not coming out; it is stuck. The 31/32...
  2. NWTennesseean

    Lubricating inside of a 2-handle faucet cartridge

    Is it ok to take apart a 2-handle faucet cartridge (Delta, Valley, etc) and put silicone lubricant on the inner stem and also on the inner o-ring that the stem goes thru? Or is it best to leave the innards alone and just lubricate the exterior o-ring and seat? I know the stem turns within this...
  3. Astralan

    1980's Moen 1200 shower cartridge extraction issues

    Have an old pull to open, twist to control shower regulator that most people can't pull. I decided to do some research and from my findings it ends up being a Moen 1200 cartridge. Following some youtubes and purchasing extraction tools for this model, I was pissed to find that in the attempt to...
  4. C

    Please help me identify this shower stem

    So our shower started leaking after decades of use and I have taken this stem to a few stores now and they have never seen anything like it. Hopefully someone on here can help me find a replacement for this old gem!
  5. S

    help with shower stem identification

    Hi all, Had the stop break off from this shower stem and I can't find a match anywhere at the local hardware stores or big boxes. I think it is a Pfister but I'm not sure. Any help on the ID and where I may find and old stock replacement would be very much appreciated. I hate to tear out the...