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    Adding an access point in a long kitchen sink drain

    In the past, I have had grease trapped along a kitchen sink drain that was snaked out by a friend. I have an access to the drain before the p trap (which is in the floor... not ideal, but apparently code compliant in Ontario) through a clean out tee. I want to do it by myself the next time this...
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    What do you do when something long-dead and reeking is way down the drain?

    (tl;dr at bottom.) I wanted to think I was smelling sewer gas coming from one of my sink drains, but I realized after doing everything standard including cleaning out my wide-open roof vents that there was no way that was what I was smelling was sewage-related. The smell is nothing like when I...
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    Bathtub snake going in wrong pipe?

    Homeowner trying to dislodge her own bathtub clog here. To catch you up, I usually use the short (22-24in?) plastic cleaning tool to get hair clogs out of my bathroom drain pipe. It's not working this time, the clog's too deep or big, so I tried using a plunger, which didn't work. I've moved on...
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    Snake IN THE TOILET!!

    Ok, so as the title suggests.. I had a snake come up in my toilet the other day. Fairly large one and I'm assuming it got in through the ventilation vent on the roof, although I'm not 100% sure!! :( I am in search of a product that is a one way flow product that connects to the bottom of the...
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    Funky nagging toilet issue-backing up and slow draining-all intermittent.

    Ok here goes. I have a 3 story home with a bathroom on each floor and all are above each other which I assume that means they are on a shared drain line and vent stack. Im having a devil of a time figuring out what the real issue is thats troubling the toilets. I keep thinking I have a venting...
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    Bathroom sink connected to an opposing double kitchen sink, not draining: vacuumed, snaked, plunged.

    The title pretty much says it all. I've got a bathroom sink that wouldn't drain. After working on it for a bit I realized it's connected to a double kitchen sink on the other side of the wall. I've suck 'em both with the wet/dry vac, I've plugged and plunged 'til I was blue in the face (and...
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    Washer Drain Issue

    Summary: Water leaks from where wall meets floor when washer drains. Smells of sewage, appears to be earth/clay 1.5'-2.0' down washer drain. Trying to identify issue, may cut up concrete soon. Washer in the basement 100+ year old construction. Washer drain goes directly into the...