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  1. P

    Bathroom faucet smells like rotten eggs.

    Hello, I am using city water and my bathroom sink faucet smells like rotten eggs. All the other faucets in the house smell fine. It is just this one faucet. thanks! Phil
  2. J

    Strange smell after bathroom reno

    Hey, I’m I hoping someone can help me with a smell that ha prevented me from using my newly renovated (diy) bathroom. Last year I re tiled the shower (did not change or remove pan), new tile on floor (removed and put back same toilet), new counters, sinks, faucets (no plumbing changed). So...
  3. alxbz1

    Need advice slime in toilet tank & build up on sinks.

    Hello! Just some background I live In a Tiny House which is setup like an RV with a RV hose, on someones property/ well water. I have avoided showering/bathing because of the water and taste ( when brushing my teeth), Originally I thought it was hard water but after getting quotes for possible...
  4. J

    PVC - Plumber’s Putty - Chemical Smell

    Hello, Recently I purchased a Moen faucet and installed it using the included plastic waste assembly. As suggested in their guide I installed it using plumber’s putty around the metal drain before tightening it down. About a month later, today in fact, I started noticing an extremely noxious...
  5. J

    Sewer smell

    hello! Any ideas welcome! We moved into our home earlier this year in May. (1200 sq feet near the beach in MS) The home had been seasonly rented but then completely vacant for around 4 months before we moved in. We did not have any issues the first few weeks. Later in the summer (getting worse...
  6. U

    Toilet not flushing, shower is gurgling/bubbling, and smells like poop

    Hello - first time poster! Per my subject line, I tried flushing my downstairs toilet and it was clogged. Then... the shower started gurgling as well and making bubbling sounds. I am thinking it is due to a clog with my wife's hair. What can I do to try to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  7. B

    Washer Drain Issue

    Summary: Water leaks from where wall meets floor when washer drains. Smells of sewage, appears to be earth/clay 1.5'-2.0' down washer drain. Trying to identify issue, may cut up concrete soon. Washer in the basement 100+ year old construction. Washer drain goes directly into the...