smell in house

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    Very bad smell from bathroom

    Recently we noticed a bad smell coming from our downstairs bathroom. When we investigated it further it seem that there was some leakage from base of the toilet. So had a plumber come out, took out the toilet, and informed us that the wax ring had failed. So he replaced new wax ring and...
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    Sewer smell

    hello! Any ideas welcome! We moved into our home earlier this year in May. (1200 sq feet near the beach in MS) The home had been seasonly rented but then completely vacant for around 4 months before we moved in. We did not have any issues the first few weeks. Later in the summer (getting worse...
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    Septic smell coming from shower drain

    So we bought our house a year ago.. that is how long this has been going on without figuring the problem. We have had 3 plumber's out to try and find the problem. No one knows. When we use the washing machine, dish washer, or master shower, the smell happeneds. We tried making sure we where...